Residential Solar Panel Installations

We help you save money, take control of your energy, all with no fuss.

Top 3 reasons for going solar

Save Money on Your Bills

Installing solar panels to your home generates free energy and reduces your reliance on the national grid and unpredictable price rises.

Add Value to Your Home

Research shows that adding solar panels and battery storage can increases the value of your home

Gain Energy Security

With an ever increasing demand on the electricity grid, solar panels and battery storage give you confidence that you will have power.

All services in one place


We set up a meeting to learn about your energy usage, both how much you use and when. From this point we can then develop a system that not only saves you money now but makes you money in the future.


Our solar panel installers are all experienced and work with you for the most pain free installation possible. We treat your property with respect and ensure that when we leave it's like we were never there.


We get you connected and feeding back into the grid from day one. We help advise about different energy suppliers and who has the best payback options at that time. We even provide the forms.

Your Local Solar Panel Installer

If you are thinking about adding solar panels to your home then look no further than Worthing’s only specialist PV installer. Being solely focused on solar technologies allows us to share our expertise and and passion with you to make sure the system you choose is perfect for your home.

We pride ourselves and our consultant-led approach to understanding your current and future energy usage, we sit with you, go through your bills, tariffs, roof design and structure to make sure that any investment you make is based on fact and will ultimately provide you with the energy you need.

We provide financial forecasts so you can see how your bills will be reduced, when the system will pay for itself and how much money you will save over the lifetime of your solar panels.

As an accredited MCS installer we get you connected to the grid and provide you with all of the information you need to sell your excess energy to your chosen utility company. We let you know who has the best rates and walk you through the process. 

A Worthing-based solar panel installation company, serving most of West Sussex, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction at all times.

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