Solar panel group buy offer

Join up with friends, family and neighbours and save money on your install

Group savings on solar panels in 3 simple steps

1: Gather a group – neighbours, friends or family*

2: Contact us with your group’s details

3: Save £££ on solar panels

*All households in your group must live within a 2-mile radius

"David and Russ were absolutely superb from the start to finish of our solar power installation. Workmanship was first rate and everything was given hugely impressive attention to detail. I would not hesitate to recommend Sopoco to anyone looking for a renewable energy solution."
Tim Arnold
Handcross, West Sussex

How does the Group Buy Offer work?

Our Group Buy offer is simple: cheaper solar panels when a group of households buy together. The larger the group, the better the discounts – we pay less for the materials required and we pass these savings on to you, giving you solar power for less.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is gather your group and we’ll take care of the rest. Friends, family or neighbours – the only requirement is that all households in the group live within a 2-mile radius.

When you have a list of households who are interested, give us a call with everyone’s details and we’ll arrange suitable times to come and complete our home and energy surveys.

We’ll then provide a quote for each household that shows all of the equipment and costs, including the discount.

Once our proposals are accepted and everyone’s happy, we’ll request your deposits and get the installation process underway.

How much will I save?

Example price of typical solar installationExample price for 2 propertiesExample price for 3 propertiesExample price for 4 properties
Discount: 3%Discount: 4%Discount: 5%
Saving: £209.967Saving: £279.96Saving: £349.95
*based on a 3.68 kw solar system. **Prices quoted above are intended as a guide only**

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