Solar Panel Maintenance

Keep your solar panels producing all year round

Top reasons for signing up to our maintenance contracts

Keep your system at optimal performance

Prevent system downtime and faults

Peace of mind your solar is working


“David was super helpful and very informative about my solar panels. He replaced the faulty part and liaised directly with Solaredge to diagnose the problem. He also bird proofed our panels as pigeons had become a significant issue. Which has now been resolved.”

Melanie Dove – Worthing, West Sussex

Maintenance Contracts

Here at Sopoco we provide annual solar maintenance for both residential and commercial solar systems. This service keeps your solar system  running at its optimal performance all year round to ensure you are getting the most from your system. 

Our service entails 4 visits a year, each of these includes cleaning the panels from the ground using our pole cleaning system and one of the visits we carry out a full system health check which includes the items below:

Description of WorksFrequency
Visual inspection (modules, battery, inverter, cabling)Quarterly
Clean ModulesQuarterly
Battery MaintenanceAnnually
Check mechanical integrity of the array structure and PV modulesAnnually
Check all cabling for mechanical damageAnnually
Check output voltage and current of each string of the array and compare to the expected output under the existing conditions.Annually
Check electrical wiring for loose connectionsAnnually
Check the operation of the PV array DC isolatorAnnually
Check overall wiring installation and integrity5 years

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