Sussex Home Battery Installation

Store your solar power for when the sun goes down and the lights come on.

Top 3 reasons for home batteries

Save Money on Your Bills

Charging at night on lower cost energy tariffs for use during the day or when the lights come on.

Store Your Excess Solar

Store your extra solar power rather than send it to the grid and save even more money.

Energy Security

With an ever increasing demand on the electricity grid, battery storage help you take control of your energy.

Battery Features

Use all of your solar power

Solar storage allows you to capture all of the the electricity you need for when the lights come on in the evening to reduce the need for electricity from the grid.

custom set up for your life

Every person is different and so are their lifestyles. The best solar batteries can be configured to provide the most efficient energy system possible, discharging and charging at times to provide the best economic outcomes.

Control at your finger tips

Control and access information from your battery and solar system from how much power you have produced and how charged your battery is to controlling where the power being sent. You can control the whole system from your phone.

Home Battery Storage

Solar panels are great, but they only work during the day, so home battery storage offer amazing opportunities to not only store your excess solar for when you need it but also utilising off peak energy tariffs to reduce your energy costs by up to 75%.

Home battery storage works brilliantly with solar panels, and if your system is designed correctly can harness enough solar electricity to fully charge your home batteries for when the lights come on, but also even when paired with only a few solar panels, battery storage can help you save money on your energy bills.

Charging home batteries during the night on low, off-peak tariffs even without solar panels allows you to buy energy at a much cheaper rate and use that electricity during peak times avoiding the higher standard tariffs and saving you money.

There are also new schemes under development where if you put your stored electricity from your home batteries back into the grid at peak times you get paid by the utility companies for helping ease the peak time demand. These payments have been up to £2.50 per kw and offers another potential opportunity.

Home batteries are becoming increasingly popular and make a great addition to your home energy infrastructure.


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